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How To Use The IUB E Portal in 2022

Welcome to the IUB Portal We are delighted to present you with the revamped version of the IUB portal. The portal is an extension of one of the most popular web portals in Pakistan and is devoted to providing information on educational institutions affiliated with IUB University of Bahawalpur.

The IUB E Portal is an online platform that provides users with a wide variety of information and services related to Islamia University life. Students can check their grades on Tests, get a course IUB timetable, apply for IUB admission, use for applying in an IUB job, IUB Nat Test Schedule, IUB Results, and much more by IUB E Portal.

The IUB Portal provides a single point of access to the most commonly used enterprise applications and services. The IUB Portal is available via the Browser and IUB Mobile Portal App using your IUB username and password. It also supports single sign-in with IUB Website

IUB E Portal is all set to change the way you interact with your university updates The portal provides online access to University records and services. The portal contains a wide range of information, from admission notices and results to academic calendars, timetables, and examination schedules. You can also apply for various scholarships on the portal. In addition, the portal allows you to register yourself in the University library or take a tutorial course online without any hassle.


What is IUB E Portal?

The IUB Enterprise Portal (IUB E Portal) is the web-based system for all enterprise applications and services of the University. The IUB E Portal provides a single point of access to information, services, and applications related to university administration, faculty, staff, and students. It also enables authorized users to perform their university activities efficiently by reducing repetitive tasks, improving information sharing, and enabling visibility into the status of these processes.

Why is the IUB E Portal important?

The IUB Portal is a gateway to services, information, and resources on the IUB campus that are relevant to all students, faculty, and staff regardless of their role at IUB. This includes students who have not yet started classes, continuing education students, and alumni. In addition to a personal portal for each member of the university community, IUB serves as an access point for self-service tools such as MyIUB, MyTimekeeping, My Course schedule, and much more

How to access IUB E Portal?

The IUB E-Portal is the online access point for Islamia University students, faculty, and staff. It provides real-time information on the university’s academic programs and services, student life and career planning resources, campus events, news, and more. There are two ways of accessing the IUB Online Portal.

First is you can visit the portal through this Web-Portal. The second way is IUB Mobile App which you can download from the play store.

How to register yourself on IUB E Portal?

This article will provide you with basic guidelines to register yourself on IUB E Portal. #How to register yourself on the IUB E portal? #What do we need for IUB Portal registration? #What documents are required for IUB Portal?

How to create an account on IUB E Portal?

The Islamia University E Portal provides IUB students, faculty, and staff with secure access to a broad range of information resources.

a) You need to create an account on IUB E Portal

b) Go to and follow the instructions given there

c) You will receive an email at your email ID asking you to verify your email address and reset the password for your account

d) Login using your new credentials

E) Sign In account and complete Profile with all personal data

Why should you create an account on IUB e-Portal?

There are many benefits of creating an account on the IUB e-Portal. For one, students can request for transcript through the portal and it will be delivered to your email immediately.

University students now have an opportunity to access a variety of services and information on the Internet. IUB e-Portal has been introduced to provide students and faculty with easy access to internal and external systems.

How to check your marks online using IUB E Portal?

Students can now check their marks online through IUB E Portal. The portal will be available 24×7 and the students need to enter their username and password to access the marks. However, they would be able to get their results only after a few weeks of the exam as the University first needs to complete all formalities related to the evaluation of answer sheets, the announcement of results, and the declaration of the semester-wise final.

IUB makes it possible to check your marks online. Students can log into the portal and get an in-depth view of all their academic details, including course assignments, results, attendance, and grades.

Why do you need a user login for the portal?

Having a user login on the IUB e portal makes it easier for you to access your files. In addition, by having a login, you can make sure that no one else has access to your information.

The importance of following instructions and guidelines when using the IUB E Portal?

As a university student, you are likely familiar with the IUB E Portal. The IUB E Portal is a service provided by the IU Bloomington IT department that allows students to manage their email accounts, view important announcements from University offices, and more.  IUB-E Portal: the main entry point for all IUB web applications. The IUB-E Portal is a single sign-on (SSO) environment that allows you to securely access Indiana University’s electronic services, such as Blackboard Learn and Canvas, as well as many campus enterprise applications. #references

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