BZU Departments

BZU Departments are named as faculties in the universities. Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan is large and one of the best universities in South Punjab. It is providing a large number of courses and scheduled study programs. There is a large number of departments in the Bahauddin Zakaria University Multan. It can be complicated to choose a department in which you want to get admission and what is BZU Fee Structure according to the department.

To make it easy for you; we have a list of departments in BZU. It would help you to choose a department for admission according to your educational background. You will find all details about admission, tuition fee, BZU Departments, scholarships, BZU Events, and everything you need to know about the university and its events.

BZU Departments

Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan is providing quality education for many years. It has also established many sub-campuses in other cities of Pakistan for better education for the students. Students who are from other cities and cannot join the main campus then they can get admission to the sub-campus.

There are many departments in the university, some of which are given below.

Department of Islamic Studies

Department of Islamic Studies at BZU provides education all about Islam. Quran is also part of Islamic Studies and it is also taught in BZU. This department offers various courses in Islamic history, hadith, literature, Arabic, and Philosophy related to Islam. The discipline in this department is very strict and everybody is guided to follow the instructions provided by the department.

Department of Law

The Department of Law is very famous at Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. The name of the department is University Gillani Law College and most students call this faculty by the same name as the Law Department. There are various courses in this department about law e.g. LLB and LLM  Bachelor of Law(LLB), and Master of Law(LLM). There is a different period for each degree in each course. LLB is the first step after completing it the student is eligible for LLM. The course period for LLB is 5 years, the student must pass all subjects in each year. The course period for LLM is 2 years at Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan.

Department of English

The Department of English consists of many course programs for different periods. Courses like BA/MA/MPhil/Ph.D. in English are offered to students to get admission according to their past degrees. Bachelor of English is an undergraduate program and Master of English is a postgraduate program. Courses are also being offered in English literature, philosophy, etc. Bachelor of English is 2 years program and a master of English is also 2 years. MPhil and Ph.D. programs are also being taught in the BZU Department of English.


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Department of Management Sciences

Management Sciences Department is one of the active faculty in many events and other social activities as well as education. Updated courses and advanced education is provided to the students according to their need. All the courses related to business are taught under the supervision of Ph. a D.D staff. All the BZU Departments have Ph.D. faculty members and are experienced in teaching. The faculty members are Ph.D. holders from foreign countries as well as Pakistan. They are qualified and have much experience to teach perfectly. The main courses are BBA, BS, BCS, MBA, MS, MC, S, etc.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs are offered in Management Sciences. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is 4 years program that is equal to a master’s and is also called BBA Honors. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is done after the completion of BBA/B.COM/BSc or graduation. MBA is an undergraduate degree if it is equal to 16 years of education, if it is equal to 18 years of education then it will be a postgraduate degree.

BZU Departments have many courses which have different periods e.g. MBA 2 years, MBA 4 years, BBA 2 and 4 years,s, etc. During the session,n the students are allowed to participate in various activities and events. These events are organized by the management and administration. These events help to find out the best talent among many participants. These students are awarded prizes and certificates.

Department of Agriculture

Agriculture is our one of primary sources of income and food and it is important to know everything about agriculture. Agriculture plays an important role in the development and growth of the economy of the country. So, to provide knowledge about agriculture Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan has a separate department that gives all the knowledge about agriculture. It also has a research lab and other centers for practical work. There are some lands given to the Department of Agriculture for the cultivation of crops related to their research work as an activity. BZU Departments are allowed to use university research labs and other facilities according to their needs.

Some BZU Departments have their research labs to execute their work and some BZU Departments do not have labs, so they have to visit other departments for the execution of work. There are courses including BSin  Agriculture, MSin Agriculture,e, and Ph.D. in Agriculture in this department. The period for the courses is different for each course e.g. some courses have 2 Year time period and some 4 Years. BS in Agriculture is 4 years program (8 Semesters) 2semestersr a year and MS in Agriculture is 2 Years program (4 Semesters) 2semestersr a year.

Department of Information Technology

BZU Department of Information Technology is playing an important role in all the technological activities of the BZU Departments and the administration too. IT Department maintains all the records of students of BZU Departments and its students e.g. admission information, scholarships, due,s and LMS (Learning Management System). Major courses in the Department of Information Technology are Bs IT and Ms. IT and they have different periods of completion.

Department of Engineering

BZU Department of Engineering is the supervisor of making, designing, introducing,g and improving plants for efficient production by utilizing innovative ideas and technology. This department is also one of the important BZU Departments and provides quality education to the students. Courses in the Engineering department are many and all have different periods for completion e.g. 2 Years, 2.5 Years,s and 4 Years; different periods of courses are also available for example diploma, etc.

Engineering has many types but 5 major types are given below:

  • Chemical
  • Electrical
  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Geotechnical