IUB Fee Refund Policy

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur has introduced the IUB Fee Refund Policy for their Newly and old Students who enrolled in any semester and if they are interested to get a fee refund now that is possible. Suppose a student withdrawal results in a credit balance on the student’s account after all institutional charges and credits are processed. In that case, the University will refund the credit balance to the student within 45 days of the date of determination of the credit balance.

To begin the process of withdrawing from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, students must complete, sign, and submit a Withdrawal Form to Registration. That includes students who withdrew from all classes; students enrolled only.


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What is IUB Fee Refund Policy?

The Islamia University Bahawalpur fee refund policy has been established to provide students with a guide for the withdrawal process. The university has a fee refund policy that allows students to get a full or partial refund of their tuition and fees under certain conditions. The policy outlines the procedures for withdrawing from school, the conditions that must be met to receive a refund, and the deadlines by which a student must submit their withdrawal request. Students who withdraw from school will have their student account credited with a percentage of the total fees paid, depending on the date of withdrawal.


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Who is eligible for the IUB fee refund?

All students who have paid the IUB fee and are registered for at least one credit hour during the semester for which the fee was charged are eligible for a refund. Students must request a refund through IUB Portal and will receive their funds in their accounts.

The IUB fee refund is a credit that is automatically applied to the student’s account after the semester bill has been generated. The fee refund is based on total enrollment hours at IUB for the semester. Students who are registered for 12 or more hours will be charged full-time fees and are not eligible for a fee refund. Credits earned at other institutions during the fall or spring semester will also be considered when determining eligibility for the fee refund.


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How to apply for the IUB fee refund?

The Islamia University IUB fee refund applies to students who withdraw from the university or drop below full-time status. The application for the IUB fee refund must be filed within the first four weeks of the semester. To qualify, students must meet certain requirements, including withdrawing from all classes, dropping below 12 credit hours, and submitting all required documentation. For more information on how to apply for the IUB fee refund, visit the iub website.

If you want to apply for the fee refund, please submit an email to info@iub.edu.pk with the following information:

1) Your full name

2) The email address registered with your account

3) The name of the course for which you would like a refund

4) The date on which you started the course

When will the IUB fee refund be processed?

The UB fee refund process is underway and has been since early April. Students who have applied for a fee refund will receive an email notification from the Office of Student Accounts once their refunds have been processed. The email notification will be sent to the students’ @iastate.edu email addresses, so students need to keep track of their email correspondence and update their contact information in the [HELP] system if it changes.

What is the refund policy for dropped classes?

When you drop a class, you may be eligible for a refund. The IUB University Office of Baghdad campus has information about refunds on their website here. Generally, there are three scenarios in which you would be eligible for a refund: (1) You withdrew from all classes within the first week of the semester; (2) You received an A or S grade in the class and dropped it before the last day to withdraw without academic penalty as listed on the Office of the Registrar’s academic calendar;


When is the deadline to request an IUB fee refund?

The IUB fee refund deadline is generally at the start of the semester, according to the Islamia University of Bahawalpur. Students who are registered for classes and then decide to withdraw should submit their refund request to Student Accounts Services within a specific time frame to be eligible for partial reimbursement. There may be exceptions depending on when the student withdrew, so it is best to check with the campus business office for clarification.

IUB students who withdraw from all courses before the first day of classes for the semester are eligible for a 100% refund of their tuition and fees. Students withdrawing after the first day of classes are not eligible for a tuition or fee refund, though they may be entitled to a prorated refund of room and board charges. For more information please visit: http://www.iub.edu/~ Student faq/money matters/refunds.shtml

Can I get a fee refund if I drop my classes or withdraw from the university?

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between IUB tuition and IUB fees. At Islamia University, tuition is the charge for courses taken for credit. Fees are charges for services and activities not related to instruction. For example, registration fees, technology fees, and building use fees are all types of fees.

What is the difference between IUB Tuition and IUB Fees?

There is a common misconception that Indiana University Bloomington’s tuition and fees are the same. However, they are two different things. Tuition is the money that goes towards your education and fees are the money that goes towards student services.