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Punjab University Scholarships are a great source of funds and help for students who can’t afford the high fee of the Punjab University Admission 2024. PU Scholarships are available for students who are going to be the student at the university. Freshers and existing students can also apply for the PU Scholarships.

Punjab University is one of the top-ranked universities in Pakistan. It is providing the best education to the students. And it is working best for its students and community since its existence. In starting, the university had not enough courses and staff and other facilities e.g. library, research labs, and highly qualified staff. But now, PU Lahore has a huge number of faculty members and highly qualified staff. Most of the faculty members are Ph.D. holders from Foreign countries as well as Pakistan. They have much experience in teaching and are experts in courses.

Punjab University Scholarships 2024

PU is one of the best options for newly passed-out students from colleges. PU is a Government university consisting of a large number of departments. Many courses are available and many short courses are offered continuously. New courses are also introduced according to the need and passage of time.


PU is providing a great opportunity for scholarships for students. Many students quit education due to funds and their career stops on basic education. Scholarships provide them with university fees, hostel fees, and some other funds for necessities.

Some scholarships programs can be availed by students;

Ehsaas Scholarship

Ehsaas Scholarship is one of the best scholarships which gives you a high amount: with this amount, students can pay admission fees, semester fees, hostel fees, and other expenses for the study. Ehsaas Scholarship is only for undergraduate students. postgraduates and Ph.D. students cannot apply for this program.


Ehsaas Scholarship is merit base program where the applicant must fill all the requirements by the HEC. He must be needy and his guardian’s income must be less than 50,000. He must pass the past course with at least 60% marks.

All the tuition fees will be paid through this program and Rs. 4000 as a stipend monthly. A large number of students get this scholarship each year.

HEC Need Based

HEC Need Based scholarship is only for needy students; whose father’s or guardian’s income is less than Rs. 25,000. If the income is higher than required then the student is not eligible for the scholarship. In this program, the student gets a tuition fee and 6000 as a stipend.


This program is for those students whose brother or sister is studying at the same university. Both get this scholarship to continue studying.


Orphan students can also continue their studies by availing of this scholarship program. Students who have no parents and guardians’ income is less than 25,000 can apply for it and avail of this opportunity.

Hafiz E Quran

Students who are Hafiz e Quran have another category of scholarship. They can apply for scholarships on this special quota. But this program’s amount and benefits are less as compared to other scholarship programs like Ehsaas Scholarship etc.


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Punjab University is a large platform for students for higher education. This is one of the top universities in Pakistan and working on many research projects. There are research labs in PU for the students to continue their projects.

Punjab University
PU Scholarship Scholarships

Marks Require in Punjab University Scholarships

Applicant must secure 60% marks in previous degree e.g. BA/B.Com/B.Sc/BS/BBA/BCS or equivalent marks in the last degree. If the marks are less than the requirement then he will not be awarded for a scholarship.

How to Get HEC Need-Based Scholarship?

For getting HEC Need-Based Scholarship you must be eligible according to HEC requirements.

  • You must be needy.
  • Your father’s monthly income must be less than Rs. 25,000.
  • You must have 60% marks in the last degree.
  • You must fill out the scholarship form.
  • Submit it before the due date

Best Scholarships for Students

Ehsaas Scholarship is one of the best scholarships in Pakistan. If the student is awarded this scholarship then he should continue to study.

These are the best foreign scholarships for students of Pakistan;

  • Fulbright Scholarship (USA)
  • Australia Awards Scholarship (Australia)
  • Chevening Scholarship (UK)
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship (UK)
  • Eiffel Excellence Scholarships Program (France)

These above scholarships are the best programs for the students of Pakistan who wish to study abroad for higher education. In these programs, students get funds for tuition fees, hostel fees, books, living stipends, flight tickets, and health insurance.

If you are a bright student, have high marks in your previous degree, and want to study in a foreign country then apply for these scholarships and avail the opportunity.

Can I Get 2 Scholarships

No, the student can not get two scholarships at the same time but he/she can apply for many scholarships at the same time if he is eligible. For example, if a student is already getting Ehsaas Scholarship then he can not get HEC Need-Based scholarship. It is the policy of HEC that one student can get one scholarship at the same time.

Punjab University Scholarships – Per Year Amount

PU Scholarship allows students to get a specific amount for study through various scholarship programs. PU gives 12,000 each year as a scholarship to each student. PU Lahore awards this scholarship department vise. This scholarship is funded by Punjab University Scholarships funds. Although the university gives these funds to students as scholarships so it has fixed the number of scholarships for each department. For example, PU gives 37 scholarships to the Department of Applied Psychology amounting to 12,000 to each student a total of 44,400.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

You can apply for the scholarship in the following ways:

  • Search for the scholarship to which you want to apply with your name.
  • Download the scholarship from the official website.
  • Fill out the scholarship form.
  • All the information should be authentic.
  • Review it and make sure all the requirement is filled.
  • Submit it before the due date.