BZU Computer Science Department 2023-2024

BZU Computer Science Department

BZU Computer Science Department is an interesting and rapidly-growing field that is being changed the way of thinking about and deal with technology. We can’t deny its importance in our daily lives, the future of computer science is bright and it will have a major impact on everything e.g. artificial intelligence and virtual world. It does not matter about your interests, there are positions for you at BZU Computer Science Department! BZU Computer Science Department offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs that prepares students for careers in industry, research labs, and better future.

If you are interested in learning how to operate computers work or want to make them work better, BZU Computer Science Department offers courses in software development, computer networks, artificial intelligence and BS/MS in IT. Computer science programs can be found throughout higher education. Many colleges offer minor or certificate programs in computer science as well as bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. This means there are lots of opportunities to study computer science at any phase of life.

For more information about studying Computer Science at Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan and other graduate programs available through the BZU, please visit the official page of BZU today.

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is the knowledge of the computer and its applications. Studying computer science in undergraduate and postgraduate programs can lead to many different careers, but the focus of most CS degrees is to understand how computers work and to design new computer software. Computer scientists are involved in a lot of different industries, including government, healthcare, and technology.

There are lots of great reasons to study computer science. However, the most important reason to study computer science is to understand how computers work and to connect with the world virtually. Computer science can lead to a wide variety of careers, including working for businesses and other organizations designing computer software, teaching computer science in schools or universities, or working for research institutions or industry labs.

BZU Computer Science Department

Students at BZU Computer Science Department who have completed their degrees in undergraduate or postgraduate programs have chances to make their career bright; they will have many opportunities according to their educational background and interest. Some of main CS careers are following:

Computer Scientists – Research and develop computational modeling, artificial intelligence,  and other areas of CS. Computer science students work on different types of projects, including cybersecurity and research projects.

Computer Systems Analysts – Analyzing business processes, automating processes, and helping organizations to improve their operations with computer systems. Systems analysts are the “brains” behind operations, especially in all types of businesses.

Software Developers – Designing and developing computer software. Software developers are working on a wide variety of applications, like gaming, operating systems, and databases.

Computer Network Architects – Designing the communicating networks that allow data to be sent across computers and network. Network architects design data transfer and routing networks, including data storage systems.

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Value of CS Degree

The degree of Computer Science is very valuable in Pakistan because the world is moving towards artificial intelligence and virtual world. The world is connected with each other through technology and it is possible with computers, smart phones and other gadgets etc. After the revolution in technology the world has been changed a lot and everything is possible within minutes. So, it is compulsory to get the education of technology and computer science for better understanding to operate computers and smart devices.

Computer Science students have highest salary than other students just because they are skilled and have knowledge to fix technological problems, CS students work as software developers and designing according to the images and thinking about the need for specific tasks. This is the good part of CS that it can make possible the difficult things into reality.

Jobs After CS

Computer Science is very broad field and has many career opportunities for the students who have completed their degree. Some of major jobs are given below:

  • Software Engineer Intern
  • Trainee Software Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Remote Data Scientist
  • Graduate Software Engineer
  • Games Developer
  • Data Base Administrator
  • IT Consultant
  • Cybersecurity Consultant
  • System Analyst

All the degrees are being offered in BZU Computer Science Department through different degree programs e.g. 2 years programs, 2.5 years programs and 4 years programs etc. The program BSCS, MSCS and PhD is being offered to the students in BZU Computer Science Department through various time limited courses. You can find more details through the official page of BZU.

Salary of BS Computer Science Students

Degree of BS Computer Science is very valuable and one of highest paid degree in Pakistan. The freshers are can also start their jobs at high pay and some fresher are already being paid higher than other departments’ students. The minimum salary of the BSCS degree holder is 64000 PKR(for freshers) and the highest pay for BSCS degree holder is 194000 PKR(for experienced). The salary of the job holder gradually increase with the passage of time and experience.

Career of CS Students in Pakistan

It would be a best choice to choose CS as a career if you are interested in technology or technical things and do not want to be doctor or accountant. The future is very bright and many opportunities are there for CS students in Pakistan. The CS degree holders get $90000 yearly and has a growth rate of 10% yearly. So, if you have completed your current degree and you are confused to choose best option then CS can be a best option for further studies at BZU Computer Science Department.

Top Highest Paid Fields in Pakistan

Top fields to choose as a career in Pakistan are given below:

  • CSS
  • Chartered Accountant
  • IT Professionals
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Engineers
  • Business
  • Architectures

Bachelors in Computer Science

Bachelors in Computer Science is knowing professionally about computer programming and development. There are many different courses in computer science like programming, software development, IT technicians and data scientists. BZU Computer Science Department offers many courses in CS to provide the knowledge and the courses have different time period to be completed.

Masters in Computer Science

Masters in Computer Science is the advance knowledge of IT and other CS aspects. For higher education, BZU Computer Science Department is offering Masters Program in CS through different programs which have 2 Years and 4 Years to be completed. CS is not easy rather it is a tough subject but if you are motivated and determinant then it would be easy for you.

PhD in Computer Science

PhD is the last degree of any department or course. To know the each aspect or even a single knowledge about each thing PhD is done. It is very hard to complete PhD but it is possible through hard work, research and determination. PhD in Computer Science is already being taught is BZU Computer Science department by professional staff.

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