IUB Hostel Fee Structure

IUB Hostel Fee Structure 2024-2024 is all the information about hostels and its fee to be paid before the due date. The Islamia University of Bahawalpur is providing the facility of a hostel to its students. IUB Hostel Fee Structure 2024-2024 has been declared officially. The fee for the hostel is increased by some amount as compared to the previous year. It is not a new thing that the IUB hostel fee structure is increased rather University increases the fee every year by a few percentages.

Important Information about Hostel

  • After the pandemic of Covid-19 and the reduction of cases of the covid-19 patient, universities decided the comeback towards physical mode for classes. And opened the university for classes and other major activities e.g. social activities, orientations, conferences, different presentations, sports events, and daily events.
  • IUB hostel faced with the issue of challans for not being issued because of over applicants and other technical errors. The same issue was found in girl’s hostels too. Students came to an issue for not getting their challans on time. Allotment for the students for hostels was pending because of allotments. Students can contact the authority during office hours at Ali Hall and others (Boys Hostels) and Fatima Hall and others (Girls Hostel).
  • Allotment of the students in hostels is on the basis of First Come First Serve. So, the students who apply early can be allotted for hostel early than those who apply late. Many students who are from other cities and other provinces make their arrangements in university hostels for their ease.
  • University hostels are located inside the university, so students don’t need to travel much to attend the classes. They can reach their department on time.
  • After the allotment of the students in the hostel by following the rules written in “IUB Hostel Fee Structure” they are required (in person or by parent/guardian) to obtain a challan form directly from the hostel in which he/she is allotted either he is allotted in Ali Hall Boys Hostel & Fatima Girls Hostel, Baghdad-ul-Jadeed campus or Abu Bakar Hall Boys Hostel, Abbasia campus and pay it any branch of HBL Bank or pay it by online banking. He must submit a copy of the account to the allotted hostel because it is important for further procedure.
  • Challans can be paid by HBL online banking and also other payment options like Jazz Cash and Easypaisa etc.
  • The students will process allotment applications & undertakings duly signed & stamped by the Chairperson/H.O.Ds/Principals of
    the respective Department/College to finalize their allotment.
  • After finalizing the allotment students can approach hostel administration for eventual allotment and make their shift in the hostels.
  • Transportation facility is provided to the students by the university to avoid their personal expenses and to save their time waiting for public or private convenience.
  • Bus service is available inside and outside the university for enrolled students and staff of the university. Students of the university mostly call it Point service. Shuttle service is also there for students but this service is available just inside the university, rather Bus(point) service is provided in the whole city. Few buses go outside the main city to some other cities like Lodhran, Ahmad Pur East, and Lal Sohanra but at specific times.
  • In case of any query or emergency about boys/girls hostels, the following number may be reached during office
    hours: 062/9255470

Health and Safety Protocol

  • All Boys and girls hostels are ensured totally safe and hygienic for students. Cleanliness of the hostels and the other basic facilities are provided, and maximum Safety First is ensured.
  • After the pandemic of Covid-19, the hostels are totally sanitized and management checks the sanitization of the hostels regularly. All the hostels and campuses of the university are sanitized for the safety and health of the students, employees, and management. The health of the students and employees is first priority of the university.
  • Non-allotted students or any guest of the student is not allowed in the hostel.
  • All students and hostel staff will follow the following rules even after the Covid-19 pandemic:-
  1. Everyone should wear masks in public places and keep their hands clean.
  2. Everyone should take care of hygiene i.e. washing hands and having a sanitizer with them.
  3. Only the provided exit/entry gates should be used. No other areas should be used.
  4. The movement in the university should be limited and to enter in restricted areas should be avoided strictly.
  5. Entrance to the hostel is biometric so students must get themselves enrolled biometrically.
  • Thermal guns should be used to monitor closely all staff & students.
  • IUB hostel fee structure will consider the basic needs and other specific needs of the students.
  • All the rules and regulations of the hostels and university must be followed strictly who breaks the rule or violates it then he must be warned and also make strict action for them. The rules and regulations are mentioned in IUB Hostel Fee Structure 2024-2024


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IUB Hostel Fee Structure 2024-2024

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur is always working on the best results and the utilization of resources. And getting ensured that its students and employees are free to work and study properly. IUB Hostel Fee Structure is basically issued for a better understanding of hostels and its fee, the location of hostels, facilities, and other important information about the university.


Hostel fee for the boys and girls is Rs. 10,375.00 (non-refundable) + 4,000.00 (Refundable Security Deposit) Rs. 10,175.00. The fee is paid once for the whole semester. University does not force to pay extra charges for hostels after the hostel fee payment. IUB Hostel Fee Structure is the same for all the students of Islamia University of Bahawalpur except those who got scholarships. Scholarships allow the students not to pay university fees even the hostel fee. Rs. 4000 are refundable, when students leave the hostel they can get their fee back because it is the rule in IUB Hostel Fee Structure.